Advanced Auto Mechanical & Electrical

May 2, 2021

We service and repair all commercial and private vehicles in Wairarapa.

We install and repair all auto electrical parts for every type of vehicle.

We can give you exceptional Warrant of Fitness checkups for your automobile. Visit us to make sure that your care is safe and well maintained.

Trusted vehicle servicing and repairs at an affordable price

We pride ourselves on being able to bring you quality and reliable vehicle servicing at low cost, affordable prices. You can always rest assured that your vehicle is getting a top quality service, while not having to worry about breaking the bank.

Installation and repair of auto electrical parts

Use our certified auto electrical mechanics to service and install all your auto electrical components from alarms too CD players. Our team can give you great service at a low price.

Cheap WOF checks

Keep your vehicle safe on NZ roads with a WOF that will not break the bank. We offer great WOF for all types of vehicle from cars and caravans to trailers.


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