Carpet Steam Ltd

July 27, 2021

Carpet Steam strives to make your life a higher quality with our amazing cleaning services.

Carpet Steam are specialists when it comes to carpet steaming services and vacuum cleaning for sanitising.

Carpet Steam uses only the best steam cleaning technology from Italy to offer a premium cleaning service.

Services we offer at Carpet Steam

Freshen up your carpets, upholstery or kitchen with some extensive steam cleaning services from our team at Carpet Steam NZ. We offer our services to anyone located in private homes, residences, and rentals.

Why steam cleaning is better

Our steam cleaning services are performed with top of the line italian designed machines that create a hot steam that is able to clean most surfaces without any chemicals.

Learn more about us

The services we offer at Carpet Steam NZ are done much quicker than traditional cleaning services due to steam cleaning with a small percent of water to ensure fast drying.

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