Deco Precasters

June 7, 2020

Farming, landscaping and plumbing products made from top quality precast concrete, durable enough for the job.

From Wairarapa to Wellington, Deco Precasters has all of your precast concrete product needs covered.

Our quality products won’t disappoint, with high quality concrete mixes that support durability.

Solid beams, tilt slabs and other concrete construction products

We never compromise on quality, creating precast concrete products including solid beams, tilt slabs and bridge slabs for more efficient construction. Talk to the team with over two decades of experience for more.

Precast concrete troughs and tanks for plumbing and farming

Deco Precasters are popular with locals in the plumbing and farming industry, as we provide solutions in a wide range of precast concrete products including silage pits, manhole covers, water troughs and more…

Landscaping concrete products

Create a stunning outdoor patio with exposed concrete aggregate paving, or turn bare areas into verdant spaces with the Deco Precasters range of concrete planters.


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