GT Environmental Services

February 8, 2021

Your complete septic tank service for the Wairarapa region. Talk to our friendly, qualified team about your septic tank needs. We’re more than happy to help.

We can design a septic tank system that works with you and your house to give you a better living environment.

Septic tank upgrades – Upgrades for old or underperforming septic tank systems.

Septic tank design & installation

Septic tank systems – Installed to your home by our qualified, experienced drainlaying team.

Septic tank cleaning & maintenance

Our team of professionals will clean and repair your old or new septic tank. Ask our workers how to maintain your tank, they are full of helpful advice.

Upgrade septic tank parts

A septic tank upgrade can vastly improve the performance of an existing septic tank system without the need for a complete replacement.


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