Stuart Henderson Optometrist

April 26, 2021

The only independent optometrist in the Wairarapa that provides boutique eye care and eyewear.

Stuart Henderson has provided eye care for locals for over twenty years.

Book your eye exam with Stuart Henderson Optometrist in Masterton today and find out more about our designer eyewear range, corrective lenses, app-backed contact lens service, frames, and prescription sunglasses.

Professional Eye Exam

Every 2 years, everyone should have an optical eye exam to catch any potential eye problems before they become serious. Stuart Henderson Optometrist provides a local, personalised eye clinic service for residents of Masterton & the broader Wairarapa.

Designer Eyewear

Whether you need prescription glasses frames, optical lenses or prescription sunglasses Stuart Henderson Optometrists in the Wairarapa can tailor the perfect eyewear solution for you. See our wide range of lenses for high-quality glasses frames and our great range of designer glasses.

Order Contact Lenses

If you need help with your vision, you might be able to try contact lenses. Wearing contacts has never been as easy as it is today and now we have developed a smartphone app to make ordering replacements even easier.


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