Thermawood Wairarapa

February 22, 2021

Contact the double glazing retrofit specialists if you want a home that is quieter, more comfortable and with less condensation.

We use a unique dry glazing system for the best possible results when retrofitting your doors and windows.

The system has been designed to fit any wooden joinery and can be used in a number of configurations.

Enhance your home and health with double glazing

Call us today at Thermawood Wairarapa and get a free in home demonstration on double glazing from our experts. For more information on how dual glazing technology can make your home a drier, healthier place, watch the videos on our website or call now!

Decade long guarantee on double glazed windows

View our testimonials page for information from past clients who all enjoy the benefits of retrofit double glazed windows. If you want a drier, more comfortable home, then call the experts and enquire more about double glazing your existing windows today.

Wellington to Palmerston North retrofitting services

From a single room to the entire home, the team at Thermawood Wairarapa take on jobs of all sizes. Contact us today for more info on our retrofitting services and dual glazing technology.


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