June 23, 2021

PoC 4G radios are the next type of radio technology to benefit 2-way communication, designed and tested for New Zealand conditions.

Have powerful multi-way communication in NZ that goes beyond any site, town or city at no cost with one of Wolfsin’s PoC 4G radios.

Simple to set up radio systems offering push to talk communication, GPS tracking and safety aspects to bring advantages to the NZ business industry.

Why Push To Talk Over Cellular

Whether it’s a 2 way rural call or group communication to multiple devices nationwide, Wolfsin PoC radios make instant communication in complex working environments easy no matter where you are. Free with national coverage, GPS Tracking and more.

PoC Radio – Key Aspects

Key features of Wolfsin PoC radios include wifi & bluetooth connectivity, incredibly clear audio communication and with many health & safety beneficial features, these radios are well equipped to operate in some of NZ’s toughest working environments.

Which PoC Radio Is Best For You

To utterly transform the way you do business the Wolfsin PoC radio mercury M1 is available now! Coming soon is the LED PoC Radio Mercury M2 with LED display and a keypad as well as the touch screen Smart PoC Radio Mercury M3 with a built in camera.

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